Quick Start


You need to have Go version 1.18 installed and at least an Ubuntu 22 server.

Install Go

get -q -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/canha/golang-tools-install-script/master/goinstall.sh | bash -s -- --version 1.18
source ~/.profile

To verify that you have the right Go version, type in

go version

It will return go version go1.18 linux/amd64

You can also install from https://golang.org/doc/install

Install Make to compile the code

sudo apt install make

Install GCC in case GCC is not yet installed

sudo apt-get install gcc

Get the source code

git clone https://github.com/BlockXLabs/networks

git cd chains/blockx_100-1/source

Compile blockxd

make install

Run a Node

chmod +x run_node.sh

Please change the some of the values to your liking. You can also edit the script if you want to change the directories.

To verify that your node is running you can use the command

./blockxd status

Become a Validator

Once you have the blockxd running, from the same repo run the validator.sh script https://github.com/BlockXLabs/networks/blob/master/chains/blockx_100-1/source/validator.sh

Don't forget to change some values like the moniker, key, amount and the others. Then you can check https://ping.blockxnet.com to see if you've just become a validator.

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