This section contains a description of the module's hooks. Hooks are operations that are executed automatically when events are raised.

Staking hooks

The slashing module implements the StakingHooks defined in x/staking and are used as record-keeping of validators information. During the app initialization, these hooks should be registered in the staking module struct.

The following hooks impact the slashing state:

  • AfterValidatorBonded creates a ValidatorSigningInfo instance as described in the following section.

  • AfterValidatorCreated stores a validator's consensus key.

  • AfterValidatorRemoved removes a validator's consensus key.

Validator Bonded

Upon successful first-time bonding of a new validator, we create a new ValidatorSigningInfo structure for the now-bonded validator, which StartHeight of the current block.

If the validator was out of the validator set and gets bonded again, its new bonded height is set.

onValidatorBonded(address sdk.ValAddress)

  signingInfo, found = GetValidatorSigningInfo(address)
  if !found {
    signingInfo = ValidatorSigningInfo {
      StartHeight         : CurrentHeight,
      IndexOffset         : 0,
      JailedUntil         : time.Unix(0, 0),
      Tombstone           : false,
      MissedBloskCounter  : 0
    } else {
      signingInfo.StartHeight = CurrentHeight



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