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Here are some production-grade modules that can be used in BlockX applications, along with their respective documentation:
  • claims - Rewards status and claiming process for the mainnet release.
  • epochs - Executes custom state transitions every period (aka epoch).
  • erc20 - Trustless, on-chain bidirectional internal conversion of tokens between the BlockX EVM and Cosmos runtimes.
  • evm - Smart Contract deployment and execution on Cosmos
  • feemarket - Fee market implementation based on the EIP1559 specification.
  • feesplit - Split EVM transaction fees between block proposer and smart contract developers.
  • incentives - Incentivize user interaction with governance-approved smart contracts.
  • inflation - Mint tokens and allocate them to staking rewards, usage incentives and community pool.
  • vesting - Vesting accounts with lockup and clawback capabilities.