Future Improvements

Correct Usage

In the current design, each epoch should be at least two blocks, as the start block should be different from the endblock. Because of this, the time allocated to each epoch will be max(block_time x 2, epoch_duration). For example: if the epoch_duration is set to 1s, and block_time is 5s, actual epoch time should be 10s.

It is recommended to configure epoch_duration to be more than two times the block_time, to use this module correctly. If there is a mismatch between the epoch_duration and the actual epoch time, as in the example above, then module logic could become invalid.

Block-Time Drifts

This implementation of the x/epochs module has block-time drifts based on the value of block_time. For example: if we have an epoch of 100 units that ends at t=100, and we have a block at t=97 and a block at t=104 and t=110, this epoch ends at t=104, and the new epoch will start at t=110.

There are time drifts here, varying about 1-2 blocks time, which will slow down epochs.

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