State Objects

The x/erc20 module keeps the following objects in state:

State ObjectDescriptionKeyValueStore


Token Pair bytecode

[]byte{1} + []byte(id)




Token Pair id bytecode by erc20 contract bytes

[]byte{2} + []byte(erc20)




Token Pair id bytecode by denom string

[]byte{3} + []byte(denom)



Token Pair

One-to-one mapping of native Cosmos coin denomination to ERC20 token contract addresses (i.e sdk.Coin ←→ ERC20).

type TokenPair struct {
	// address of ERC20 contract token
	Erc20Address string `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=erc20_address,json=erc20Address,proto3" json:"erc20_address,omitempty"`
	// cosmos base denomination to be mapped to
	Denom string `protobuf:"bytes,2,opt,name=denom,proto3" json:"denom,omitempty"`
	// shows token mapping enable status
	Enabled bool `protobuf:"varint,3,opt,name=enabled,proto3" json:"enabled,omitempty"`
	// ERC20 owner address ENUM (0 invalid, 1 ModuleAccount, 2 external address
	ContractOwner Owner `protobuf:"varint,4,opt,name=contract_owner,json=contractOwner,proto3,enum=blockx.erc20.v1.Owner" json:"contract_owner,omitempty"`

Token pair ID

The unique identifier of a TokenPair is obtained by obtaining the SHA256 hash of the ERC20 hex contract address and the Coin denomination using the following function:

tokenPairId = sha256(erc20 + "|" + denom)

Token Origin

The ConvertCoin and ConvertERC20 functionalities use the owner field to check whether the token being used is a native Coin or a native ERC20. The field is based on the token registration proposal type (RegisterCoinProposal = 1, RegisterERC20Proposal = 2).

The Owner enumerates the ownership of a ERC20 contract.

type Owner int32

const (
	// OWNER_UNSPECIFIED defines an invalid/undefined owner.
	// OWNER_MODULE erc20 is owned by the erc20 module account.
	// EXTERNAL erc20 is owned by an external account.

The Owner can be checked with the following helper functions:

// IsNativeCoin returns true if the owner of the ERC20 contract is the
// erc20 module account
func (tp TokenPair) IsNativeCoin() bool {
	return tp.ContractOwner == OWNER_MODULE

// IsNativeERC20 returns true if the owner of the ERC20 contract not the
// erc20 module account
func (tp TokenPair) IsNativeERC20() bool {
	return tp.ContractOwner == OWNER_EXTERNAL

Token Pair by ERC20 and by Denom

TokenPairByERC20 and TokenPairByDenom are additional state objects for querying a token pair id.

Genesis State

The x/erc20 module's GenesisState defines the state necessary for initializing the chain from a previous exported height. It contains the module parameters and the registered token pairs :

// GenesisState defines the module's genesis state.
type GenesisState struct {
	// module parameters
	Params Params `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=params,proto3" json:"params"`
	// registered token pairs
	TokenPairs []TokenPair `protobuf:"bytes,2,rep,name=token_pairs,json=tokenPairs,proto3" json:"token_pairs"`

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