Adding BlockX to Metamask

The MetaMask browser extension allows us to access Ethereum-compatible applications. It can be used to connect to BlockX through the official testnet or through a BlockX node.
Metamask also allows importing of different blockchains, making it a great solution for BlockX and similar ecosystems.
Below is an intuitive guide for adding the BlockX chain to Metamask:
  1. 1.
    Open your MetaMask web extension, then click on the circle in the upper right corner to open settings.
2. Click Settings at the bottom of the dropdown menu
3. Select Networks
4. Enter the following details below:
BlockX Mainnet
Network Name: BlockX
Chain ID: 100
Symbol: BCX
BlockX Testnet (Atlantis)
Network Name: Atlantis
Chain ID: 50
Symbol: BCX
5. Hit Save
From here, you will have the same wallet as your Ethereum or other EVMs. No need for a separate app for you to access your funds.

Automatic adding of BlockX to Metamask

Go to then select the chain to add
To add BlockX, select BlockX then click on the Green Button to add BlockX to Metamask
It will open up your Metamask to confirm the adding of BlockX Network, scroll to the bottom then click Approve. If it prompted you to switch the network to BlockX, you can also do so.
Make sure that the Chain ID and the Network URL is the same as above. It might also show a logo different than that of BCX later on but as long as you're connecting with the right RPC or Network URL and correct Chain ID of 100 you're in the right network. We'll work in adding the proper logo later on.

Manual Import

Select My Accounts and click Import Account. You will then see the following:
Using your terminal, you can export your primary key using this command. Make sure that you replace key with your own key, and change the keyring-backend flag to "file".
blockxd keys unsafe-export-eth-key mykey