On and off-chain Governance Structure

Communication Methods

Governance practices and decisions are communicated through different types of documents and design artifacts:

  • On-chain governance proposals

  • Architecture Decision records

  • Technical standards / specifications

Decision-making and Discussion Venues

Venues involve community members to different degrees and individuals often perform multiple roles in the Cosmos ecosystem. Because technical direction setting and development is almost always happening in the open, involvement from members in the extended community occurs organically.

The Community Pool of BlockX will work based on users’ proposals that will be gathered from BlockX communities on Discord, Telegram, and others.

Community Pool Structure

Soon we'll be sharing more information on community proposals and our voting systems, but the primary aim of BlockX remains a fully operational and properly configured network that allows Validators & Delegators to start participating.

However, here are some community proposal aspects to note:

  • 10% of tokens that come from block rewards will be sent consistently to the Community Pool

  • A Community-spend proposal must be submitted then approved by the community in order for funds to be transferred to an address.

For now, the best way to get involved and start looking forward to the Community Pool launch is to join BlockX’s Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and other communities listed on our website.

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