Adding Atlantis to Keplr

Keplr is the wallet mostly being used in the Cosmos Ecosystem and it supports other Cosmos-based chains as well. It also allows you to have both a Cosmos-based address and an EVM address meaning it can act as your gateway from EVM to Cosmos-based services and vice versa.
In order to add Atlantis network, go to then click on the Add Atlantis to Keplr Wallet button if you haven't added Atlantis Network before.
Once added, it will open your Keplr window to ask for your approval. Just click Approve.
After you click on the Approve button, you will then see the Atlantis network at the bottom of your wallet
Note: If you previously BlockX testnet to your Keplr, it will be best to remove the previous chains first before adding Atlantis Network. To remove a chain in your Keplr wallet, go to Settings -> General -> Manage Non-Native Chains. Remove the other BlockX chains (i.e BlockX Testnet) in order for the Atlantis Network to be added successfully.