Testnet Faucet

Users are now able to receive free testnet BCX tokens so they can play around on a part of the BlockX ecosystem. The current faucet token giveaway rate is 3 BCX per testnet wallet.
Testnets are the perfect place for developers to start writing their own smart contracts and implementing new algorithms on a given network. Native tokens are used for paying gas fees in a network, which is a common, cheaper solution to the known high-fee networks such as Ethereum layer-1.
The following is a screenshot of the BlockX Testnet faucet website where users can claim their BCX tokens. Visit the BlockX Faucet at https://faucet.blockxnet.com/.
As seen in the above image, users must have aleady set up their wallets to receive BCX testnet tokens. This can be done by following BlockX's MetaMask wallet importing guide.
Here are the parameters to enter when adding BlockX Testnet to MetaMask:
After you have added BlockX Testnet to MetaMask, you may enter your BCX address in the Claim field, and 3 BCX will be sent to your new address.
If you are already a holder of more than 3 BCX, you won't be eligible to receive the additional tokens.
You may also simply click the "ADD BLOCKX NETWORK" button to quickly add BlockX Testnet to your MetaMask browser extension for Chorme or Firefox, in case you are already using it.
More updates on the BlockX Testnet Faucet are coming soon.